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Président Talent Immigrant Suisse

IT and Business Consultant
Higher Network Technician Computer, Helpdesk and NTIC
Communications Officer
I had a good career as an Officer in the French Air Force as a Squadron Junior Commandant and instructor of the preparatory classes for the entrance exams of the great military schools.

After a rich professional career and advanced military studies, I chose a validation of my diplomas and experience in the civilian as an engineer.
I have had the opportunity to set up audit, training, support, consulting and outsourcing companies, in addition to several other functions, in the field of companies and national and international companies through projects in the IT and managerial ecosystem. Guidelines.
Become a Consultant expert in strategy and implementation of innovative projects, I accompany companies in their transformations (operational, organizational and strategic) via the new information technologies.
After spending more than 18 years in France, I joined Switzerland 6 years ago to meet personal challenges and to develop both my personal and professional abilities.
I have an ubiquitous and growing motivation to reduce the digital divide in AFRICA and all my initiatives go in that direction.

Talent Immigrant

Talent Immigrant is a nonprofit organization that concretely aims to create value within the immigrant community. It is a professional peer-to-peer network of talents that help the community find work and training by highlighting through training and mentoring.

What makes the difference between Talent Immigrant and other immigrant groups?

The Board of Talent Immigrant consists of all members of the network. There is no hierarchy and all decisions are taken by all members vote on immigrant talent platform. Network members may decide to finance a project to a network member if the project is validated by network experts. Network members can give the training organized by Talent immigrant.

The network seeks training and employment for members of the network who are unemployed or looking for an internship. It organizes trips to Canada for new immigrants and goes to the other immigrants who are meeting in other provinces to facilitate integration.

There is no registration fee for all services are offered free of charge to 100%. Network members weave the true links, not the virtual links and this is why our meetings are real encounters opportunities.

The network is funded by its own members and members who give their time to advance the cause and to the community at the center of economic movement in Canada.

What you can do to Talent Immigrant as a member of the board?

Join us if you are a professional immigrant and bring your ideas to operate the machine. At Talent Immigrant, all ideas are discussed and implemented except those that do not bring value to the community and its members. This is the only place where everyone listens to you and help you in implementing your ideas to help the community.

You could:
  • Help a student immigrant to find an internship in your company.
  • Be a mentor to a student who seeks the same profession as you exercise right now.
  • Find a candidate who matches the requirements of candidates sought by your organization.
  • Getting students ready for their interviews.
  • Help a network contractor to build the company and hire network Talents Immigrants.

If you want to change work; the network could support you in your efforts. If you are expert in a field and you have your certificates; you could share your talent with Talent Immigrant modules to submit it to the members and the public for profit.

you can spread the word about Talent Immigrant in your school or university to benefit other foreign students with the free services offered by Talent Immigrant.   You have suggestions to help the community? Everyone will listen to you at Talent Immigrant.

What Talent Immigrant can bring you as a member of the board?

As a professional, Talent Immigrant can you develop through its network (the community); it will allow you to create a real connection with other members of the network and provide you with experts who can help you (Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers etc.).

As a foreign student, Talent Immigrant accompanies you in your integration, helps you to find an internship you and helps in case of problems.

You have a project but do not have the means to implement it? We invite you to meet Talent Immigrant, the network consists of experts that will help you complete your project with the financing you need.

Immigrant talent is ready to work with all other structures that want to help the community with concrete measurable actions.

Talent Immigrant is not a place to direct people where to get money. This is a place where one finds a place to change the community by putting you in value.